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In Vienna, hidden gems can be found in every building, alleyway or courtyard. With over 30 different themes, our tours are the best opportunity for you to explore the city with your team, family, friends or classmates. Our professional and licensed tour guides will show you some of Vienna’s best or lesser known spots and will share with you stories that will change the way you see the city. The tours are perfect not only for tourists but also for locals and even born and raised Viennese.


Classic Secret Tours

These tours are the best choice for mixed groups of visitors and locals or for groups that don’t want to focus on one specific theme but explore as much as possible in the inner city. Our most popular tours in this category include:

Vienna’s top 10 and their secrets:

Our most classic tour through Vienna’s main sites. You will get to see the best of Vienna but from a totally different perspective!

Vienna behind the scenes:

A tour which begins at the old neighbourhood of Freyung and takes you through some of the old city’s most beautiful parts. This tour includes a visit to an underground cellar to show you a side of Vienna which you’ve never seen before.

Secrets in the heart of Vienna:

A tour through the ancient alleyways and hidden courtyards of the inner city. The tour begins at Schwedenplatz and ends at Stephansplatz, always remaining in the heart of Vienna. This tour is popular even among the Viennese who are always surprised to discover new locations or hear incredible stories about streets they thought they knew well.


At Secret Vienna’s, our speciality is dark, eerie and out of the ordinary tours which show a completely different side of Vienna. These tours are more specific and are perfect for groups that want to do something different.

The dark side of Vienna:

Together with our guides Tatjana or Kathi, you will get to explore beyond the beautiful facade of the city. Stories about burial, murder and conspiracies will change the way you see our city.

Elitist and discreet societies:

Who really runs this city? In this tour we explore the power behind the power and dive into the world of secret societies, knightly orders and ancient fraternities. If topics such as the Freemasons or the templars interest you, then this tour is the perfect option

Codename: Vienna- the city of spies:

This tour is all about espionage and as the city where spies were allowed to be active, there are many stories to tell! This tour takes place outside of the 1st district, in the city’s 3rd district, so you will get to explore a different part of Vienna.

Beside these tours, there are many other options! Contact us HERE (should be a link to the contact page) and we will find the best tour for you.

Please note, some of our tours can end with wine tasting in a cellar for an additional cost. Read more about this activity HERE (link to the wine tasting in a cellar activity).


● All our tours are offered by experienced, friendly and fully licensed Austria guides.
● Each tour lasts approximately 2 hours
● The tours are perfect for groups of up to 25 participants. If your group is larger, please contact us and we will offer solutions.
● We can also offer support with your restaurant reservations or transportation needs to ensure you have the best experience!

We are looking forward to welcoming you and to exploring with you the secrets of Vienna!


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